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Sol Hoopii - Acoustic and Electric 1927 - 1936


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Sol Hoopii - Acoustic and Electric 1927 - 1936

King of the Hawaiian Steel Guitar, Volume One, showcases the magical talent of Sol Hoopii beginning with early performances on an acoustic National Tri-Cone guitar.  The performances then explode with Hoopii playing a new groundbreaking technology for the early 20th century known as the electric amplified steel guitar.  The birth of the electric amplified steel guitar created a whole new world for musicians and audiences alike, and Hoopii reigned supreme as the king of all players.

Sol Hoopii (1901 – 1953) is regarded as the foremost Hawaiian steel guitarist ever. No other steel guitar player has been emulated more around the world than Hoopii. He is considered a genius and possibly has the greatest picking hand of all time. Many have said that his speed and dexterity have rarely been duplicated.

In the early 1920s Hoopii formed a trio with Lani McIntire and Glenwood Leslie in Los Angeles.  The Novelty Trio recorded for Columbia and Brunswick and also began performing in Hollywood movies, in nightclubs, and in theaters playing for silent movies. Most of these twenty cuts were restored from the original metal masters discovered in the vaults of Columbia Records.   The “Hollywood Hawaiian” as he was dubbed went on to play the steel guitar in Bird of Paradise, Waikiki Wedding, Song of the Islands, and other Hollywood sound films. The distinctive features he developed in his early career remained with him always: improvised blues like melodic ornaments, fast runs, syncopated rhythms, and various sound effects in chording and plucking. 

His style and flair influenced steel guitar playing all over the world, even influencing American Country music and the legendary Hank Williams’ steel guitar solos.  Sol Hoopii was the Jimi Hendrix or the Eric Clapton of his day. Hoopii is truly the King of the Hawaiian Steel Guitar and all of these recordings represent a glimpse of his extraordinary early career & some of his finest work 1927 – 1936

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Palolo   October 12, 1927


2 Tomi Tomi   January 8, 1930


Hualalai January 7, 1930


Royal Hawaiian Hotel    January 7, 1930


E Mama E    March 23, 1928


Hanohano Hawaii    April 16, 1928

            w/ Andrew Aiona’s Saxophones


7 Ka Mele O Ku’u Pu’uwai  November 10, 1930


8 Uheuhene    June 18, 1930


Hula Blues  March 7, 1927


10 Hula Blues   February 22, 1934


11 Hapa Haole Hula Girl   October 4, 1933


12 I Like You October 4, 1933


13 Hilo Hattie February 16, 1936


14 Ten Tiny Toes, One Baby Nose     October 4, 1933


15 Akaka Falls     February 19, 1934


16 Hula Breeze   February 16, 1936


17 Pidgin English Hula   December 12, 1934


18  The Lei Vendor    February 19, 1934


19 King Kamehameha   April 17, 1934


20  To You, Sweetheart, Aloha  February 16, 1936