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Featuring Gary Haleamau - Elmer Lim -
Robert Keali'iho'omalu Jr. & Nolan Hao

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Hawaiian slack-key guitar, ki ho’alu,
is one of the world’s great acoustic
guitar traditions. It is also one of the oldest
musical traditions to still be a viable part of modern-day culture.

Slack –Key aficionados everywhere recommend Slack-Key Tradition originally released in the mid-1990’s as part of Liko Records
Hawaiian Folk Collection.
One of the best-selling slack-key albums of its time,
it has been out of print
& unavailable for years…until now.

Pull up a chair, put your feet up, close your
eyes & listen as Nolan Ha’o,
Robert Keli’iho’omalu Jr., Gary Haleamau & Elmer Lim
play 17 acoustic instrumental selections in the slack-key tradition that first inspired them to pick up a guitar.
All learned the old way, from family members,
in the true folk tradition.

Slack-Key Tradition is real Hawaiian music; the essence of Hawaiian heritage… drawn from the heart… out through the fingers…bursting with vibrant sweetness & soul. Listen & you will hear the legacy of all the generations that came before.

John Berger

HanaOla Records president Michael Cord has made an
important contribution to the Hawaii record industry by reissuing the long out-of-print catalogs of old-time island record labels such as 49th State Hawaii and Bell.
He moves into new but equally
interesting territory with this reissue of a compilation album released relatively
recently on producer John Keoni Fujitani's Big Island-based Liko Records label.
Liko was one of the major neighbor-island labels of the 1990s.
This album is a good example of the high quality of Fujitani's work.

The album consists of instrumentals by four Big Island residents: Gary Haleamau, Noland Ha'o, Robert Keli'ho'omalu Jr. and Elmer "Sonny" Lim Jr. Haleamau, who was one of Fujitani's top acts in the 1990s -- a fine vocalist as well as guitarist. Ha'o was a member of Ho'aikane before the group switched from ki ho'alu to Jawaiian.
Lim has gone from being a member of the Lim Family to a stellar solo artist.

Fujitani's annotation completes the package with biographical and cultural information.